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I don’t get why people get so totally bent out of shape for people making jokes about “inappropriate things”.

Seriously. If the person means absolutely nothing by it, then what is the big deal?

You’re giving the topic power by getting angry. 

I don’t know, maybe Jeff has desensitized me.

(Which is very possible)

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Finished my project. May make a teachery post about it later. I made a story bird and a story in a bag.

Both I like, personally, but we’ll see how they’re received by my classmates today.

Either way, I was given the choice to either go back to sleep for maybe 20 minutesor scroll through tumblr mindlessly knowing that everything for today is done.

Sleep sounds nice, but I need mindless activity.

So hi, for like the next 20 minutes.

Up early in the morning working on a project,

And pandora is so on point this morning.

Good sign for the day. Keep it up, day!


Some new hats added to the Etsy shop!

guys, seriously. go to this persons store. they made my hats I’ve been wearing around lately. 



Lifehack: Accidentally text the wrong person? Immediately put your phone on airplane mode and once it fails to deliver, delete the message.

This can save lives

I have a couple teacher craft books.
After thinking, I have an idea.
They have all kinds of indexes in the back
(Subject, grade, etc)
They should have an index with supplies that the projects use.
Hear me out.
I am a pack rat I randomly keep some objects thinking “I can use this someday”
It would be very helpful if I thought “wow I need to do something and here’s something I have a lot of.”
And I could look it up to see what page worked for what I was saying.

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i love this way too much


TumbleBoard for iPhone and iPad




i love this way too much



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